Encounter / Webinar

Welcome to our Webinar Encounter section,

It has personally been a 35-year journey for me, in the prophetic on a daily basis, averaging 28 church meetings a month.  Through the years I have learnt so many things about the prophetic, form the word of God, my own personal walk with the Lord and from experience.  I so desperately want to pass it on to the other prophets of the New Testament church today and who need not only opportunity, but platform.  With Gods great grace we have now electronics available to us.  From here on out, I feel led to have live prophetic webinars, that one can sign up for.  It will entail the following:

  • Six sessions of prophetic teachings. Please note, that no two webinar encounters will be the same, though there may be teachings that overlap, there will always be new, fresh information, depending on who I am speaking to, and as the Holy Ghost keeps directing me.
  • A stimulant will take place with a mixing of the prophetic, so much biblically is platformed on this with Saul getting amongst the prophets in 1 Samuel 10.
  • You will have a rendezvous with me that will last for ten to fifteen minutes, with a personal live chat will be held with you individually, that you will book. I will not only minister prophetically to you, but will also prophetically coach, which is a God given gift from the Lord, that I am often able to help direct, assess and evaluate, and promote your prophetic gifting and your walk and journey in serving in this capacity.
  • You will receive notes and different visuals on occasions.
  • Not only will you receive teaching, but after every session, questions and answers will be done as well as some direct talking as we will open up interaction while I am teaching. No one will see each other, but throughout the interaction times, those that are willing will be able to communicate and lock in together and will be able to interact. 

All you will need is to download “zoom” on your phone, tablet or computer.  You will then sign up on this web page and then pick a specific appointment time for your personal rendezvous.  You will also be asked to choose a communication preference, as we launch out a countdown when we are about to start.  You will then click on the link to be able to join in. 

The first webinar will be held in December.  The 1st, 4th and 5th, in the evenings central time in America.  We will start at 7pm.  We will have two sessions, back to back, with a pause of a 5-minute break in between for a refreshing.  Both sessions will last approximately and hour with teachings and interaction.  Three nights of these will be available and then your own personal rendezvous will be scheduled for the following week.  Each individual will need to be scheduled accordingly.  It will be live, but completely personal and private. 

Should you have any questions, please email us at etraut@mac.com or call Charmaine at (210)643-1732.