Prophetic Life Ministry with Prophet Ed Traut - "It is my heart’s desire to serve you and bring the Life of Christ to you through the prophetic word and prophetic teaching."

Prophecy and the prophetic ministry is a life giving source that the Lord has raised up and should be utilized and appreciated in the local church. In 1 Thes 5:20 we read, “…do not DESPISE prophecy…” which tell us that there were those then, in the early church, who disliked this gift and ministry. To prevent us ‘despising’ prophecy today it is of paramount importance that we be taught the correct Biblical understanding of these things.

Born and raised in South Africa, first generation of German holocaust refugees, Ed Traut, received Jesus as his Savior at thirteen years of age. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in a dynamic church where the gifts were embraced, giving rise to the prophetic gift he now flows in.