Dream Dictionary

The Dictionary is now available in ebook format, with hyperlinks to quickly navigate through the entire dictionary that makes it easy to find words! All electronic readers supported!

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The Dictionary includes hundreds of dream symbols along with positive and negative interpretation meanings and scripture references.

This dictionary is designed to be only a helper and guideline and not a complete lexicon.  Please understand that there is no way that anybody could make a complete, perfect collection of dictionary symbols because objects in dreams can mean multiple things to you.  This holds true for colors as well, depending upon the circumstances and situations in the dream.  We give here some guidelines of some common objects,  colors, people etc. that we hope will be a blessing to you.  

If you find something in this dictionary that is listed as meaning one thing, always stay open to the Lord showing you that it may reflect something else in your life.  For instance, a dog returns to its vomit.  It is also a dog that is outside of the promised land in Revelation.  However, we also know that in our personal lives, dogs can be at times, a man’s very best friend.  Therefore, we have to not only use scripture along with this dictionary, but also make sure that we understand what that object or person could actually mean to us.  

Start out with this dictionary and then stay open to expanding your understanding from there.  We pray that you will be blessed with more understanding daily and that the Lord will use this Dream Symbols Dictionary to deepen your discernment with every dream you interpret.


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