Coaching 2

Welcome to our coaching section.

The scriptural methods of training was more than just a sit down education which we are custom to such as Bible school etc. Discipleship was the order of the day and certainly promoted by Scripture. Paul encouraged Timothy to imitate him as he imitated Christ. (1Cor11:1)

With this pattern it has been my calling and focus to coach and train people in the prophetic. When one is called to be a teacher or a pastor one goes to Bible school but when you are called to be a prophet no one knows what to do with you. We do have a set of teachings that are invaluable and a great value and we start with that, but each individual has a unique plan from the Lord to be trained and equipped.

In working with individuals my method is usually to evaluate where they are in their walk with the Lord and the gifting, and from there we formulate a uniquely tailored method to each individual with the goal to make the prophetic person being coached as effective as possible. God's been 30 years coaching Jesus in his life's character for three in ministry which often shows that our relationship and character is of vital importance. However they are methods to promote, train, encourage and strengthen peoples gifting's and delivery creating a demand on the ministry gifts.

Though no matter how hard I train people I am not able to qualify people for ministry. New Testament ministries recognized and not created. God is the one who calls and we just worked with him in the training period. Should you feel this is something you'd like to do, and sign up, it may be an ongoing involvement as the Lord leads end it will be my joy and pleasure to help you.

Please understand that there will be a cost involved as I need to change my lifestyle of constant ministry in order to do this coaching. There are two things I need you to be aware of:
1. It is that God is your source and it is a great spiritual exercise for your faith to be able to trust and believe God for the finance.
2. If there is no sacrifice then I question the commitment and how serious you are to grow in the gifting and ministry.

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