Prophetic Workshop Complete Series + PDF Manual (Digital Download)

Ed Traut

 A Complete Guide to Prophecy and The Ministry of the Prophet!

Every born again, Spirit-filled Christian is called to prophesy according to 1 Corinthians 14!

God’s desire to speak to us and through us is evidenced throughout the Word of God. This workshop is designed to assist every Christian in knowing what the Word of God says about prophecy and prophets. As you progress through this workshop, you will find that it leads you step by step through understanding prophecy and even how to stir up this gift in your own life.

The workshop sessions include “The Purpose of Prophecy”, “How to Prophesy”, “Understanding Personal Prophecy”, “Ministry of the Prophet”, “The Prophetic Prototype”, “Going Deeper”, “The Prophet” and “The Revelation Gifts”. These sessions will give you a more detailed understanding of prophecy and developing prophecy in relation to the local church. It has always been my heart’s desire to enhance, strengthen and submit to the local church, as well as to see the gift and the ministry of the prophet functioning in a healthy, submitted way within the church.  I encourage all believers to participate in this workshop.

Session 1 - 8 is available by MP3 download and includes a PDF version of the entire Workbook Notes.


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