Return to Me

Ed Traut

Disc one: You Are Not And Angel

God made man explicitly with His own DNA for His direct purpose. He put us on a limited space on earth in a confined body to promote a relationship with us.  Listen to this CD and find out what your role is with God.

Disc two: The Other Brother

In this parable of the prodigal son the real star is not the lost son but rather the father.  He had two sons who did two different things and neither were where they were suppose to be.  The prodigal son's brother was very angry and frustrated that his efforts amounted to nothing.  This CD is designed specifically to help those that love the Lord find out what the Lord requires or desires from us.  

Disc three:  True Vine

Staying connected to Jesus ensures eternal life.  It is not for sure that if we are born again that we cannot become disconnected from the Lord somehow, so we have to remain in Him.  The CD specifically focuses on how to remain in Him.


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