Interpreting Dreams Series + Dream Dictionary (Digital Download)

Ed Traut

Some may not remember their dreams or think thatthey don’t dream, but in reality, everybody dreams.  Most often, our dreams are answers to questions or prayers, frequently they are for us, sometimes they are for someone else.  Dreams can be literal or they can be symbolic.  How do we know how to tell the difference? What is the purpose of dreams? What is the meaning of various symbols or colors in our dreams? These questions and so many more are what this package is all about. Included in this series are three MP3’s totaling nearly three hours of teaching from Prophet Ed Traut on dreams and dream interpretation.

Part 1 - “The Purpose of Dreams” provides answers to common questions like, “Why do we dream?” “How do I know if a dream is literal or symbolic?” and much more.
Part 2 - “How To Interpret Dreams” provides detailed instruction on how to break down your dreams to simplify interpreting the dream.
Part 3 - “Questions & Answers” provides detailed answers to specific questions regarding dreams and how to interpret them.

Also included in this package is a workbook that instructs you on how to break your dreams down for ease in interpretation.  In addition, there is an Interpreting Dreams Dictionary filled with meanings and descriptions of hundreds of symbols, animals, colors and more, to aid you in your dream interpretation. This package is designed to help you on your journey to discover and interpret the dreams that the Lord may be giving you. Obviously not every dream is a dream that may be from the Lord, but so many are. So many, throughout the word of God, have been led and clearly spoken to, by the Lord, in dreams.  Clearly it is God’s intent and purpose to still speak through dreams, as we read in Acts chapter 2 from the day of Pentecost.  The design of this package is not intended to be a complete A - Z synopsis, but rather to be a guideline. There is not enough space anywhere in the world to contain all that we learn. Not to mention that such a synopsis would take away from the journey and the excitement of our own discovery and meditation. We are so excited to bring you this package and pray God’s blessing on your personal time of study and discovery as you learn how to Interpret Dreams!


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