Andre Bronkhorst - Walking With God Book (Digital Download)

Ed Traut

"I believe in you."

Those four simple words changed Andre Bronkhorst's life - and sent him on a unique, unforgettable adventure of discovering what all of us were truly made for: to walk with God.

In "Walking with God" Andre shares his amazing story that will have you laughing, have you crying, and have you sitting in awe at an incredible God who loves you dearly and wants to spend every moment with you.

Since he was only sixteen years old, Andre has been travelling South Africa (and later the world) sharing his incredible story of a deep, one-on-one relationship with Jesus. In the end, you will realise that you can have the same kind of relationship with Jesus. If you want it.


"Andre is a breath of fresh air in the prophetic ministry and that comes from a deep and well developed relationship with the Holy Spirit! How he developed that relationship will both inspire and challenge you to do the same. I hope that you will be so blessed by his story that you decide to embark on one of your own!"

-    Bryan Matthews, lead pastor of New Life Church - Augusta, Georgia, United states


"Andre Bronkhorst is a young upcoming prophet that, I believe, will make a big impact... He is very accurate prophetically and has an unusual and powerful teaching and preaching ministry."

-    Ed Traut, Prophetic Life Ministries.


"My mission is simple: to follow God's voice, and be obedient to His Spirit." - Andre Bronkhorst.



Andre Bronkhorst is an internationally renowned prophetic minister, travelling extensively all over the world as a New Testament prophet. He actively promotes and strengthens the prophetic gifts and ministry in others by teaching, demonstrating, and stirring up the prophetic in churches and conferences.

Andre is an ordained and recognised minister with Prophetic Life Ministries. He ministers and prophesies with great accuracy and clarity and has worked in the ministry alongside his family since he was a teenager. He currently lives in George, South Africa with his beautiful wife, Zandia and their two sons.


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